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Spain’s second deputy prime minister Pablo Iglesias. Photograph: Fernando Alvarado/EPA

A legal storm, triggered by the theft of the telephone of a former adviser to a cabinet minister, has unleashed a new crisis for Spain’s coalition gov(...)

The victim was awarded €12,000 compensation for an attack the court described as “extremely intense and particularly degrading”

A Spanish court’s decision to convict five men of sexually abusing a teenager, rather than finding them guilty of the more serious crime of rape, has (...)

Spain’s new leader  Pedro Sánchez (left) shakes hands with deposed prime minister Mariano Rajoy  after Mr Sánchez won no-confidence motion in the Spanish parliament in Madrid on Friday. Photograph:  Pierre-Philippe Marcou/Getty Images

The seven-year tenure of Spain’s prime minister Mariano Rajoy came to an abrupt end on Friday as he lost a parliamentary confidence vote led by Social(...)

The Balearic Bulls law states that animals must not be harmed or killed in the bullring, with matadors only allowed to use a cape and a stick – and not a sword as is customary – to fight the bull. Photograph: Susana Vera/Reuters

The Balearic parliament has approved a law that radically restricts bullfighting practices on the islands, including banning the killing of the bull, (...)

Podemos party leader Pablo Iglesias: scored decisive victories. Photograph: Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP/Getty Images

Pablo Iglesias, leader of Spain’s Podemos, won a key members’ vote on Sunday, wresting control of a party that had been thrown into chaos by infighti(...)

Íñigo Errejón and Pablo Iglesias. The two leaders of Podemos, formerly political soulmates, have had a very public falling out over party strategy. Photograph: Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty Images

Spain’s Podemos party will hold a national assembly this weekend, hoping it can bring to a close a civil war that threatens to tear apart the three-ye(...)

 Pablo Iglesias: The Podemos leader has had a major falling out with his deputy, Íñigo Errejón, exposing rifts in the party. Photograph: Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP/Getty Images

Taken a year ago, it’s become something of a famous photograph, symbolising Spain’s recent political upheaval: Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias stands ne(...)

Podemos  leader Pablo Iglesias (centre) at an election campaign rally in the Basque Country with party candidate Pilar Zabala (in white, on his left). Photograph: Miguel Tona/EPA

It is raining in Bilbao as politicians from the Podemos party prepare for a campaign event on the banks of the Nervión river ahead of tomorrow’s Basqu(...)

Spain’s acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy could find his position bolstered by regional elections in Galicia and the Basque country. Photograph: Andrea Comas/Reuters

As the possibility looms of a third Spanish general election in a year due to an unprecedented political stalemate, there is a feeling that a solution(...)

Just when it seemed Spanish politicians had locked themselves into a third election within 12 months, to the despair of a weary electorate, one of the(...)

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