Garret FitzGerald consumed with idea he was ‘never wrong’ – British diplomat

‘His autobiography devoted 500 weary pages to prove this,’ wrote embassy official

Garret Fitzgerald

Garret Fitzgerald


In the view of a senior British diplomat in Dublin in 1995, the former Fine Gael Taoiseach, Dr Garret FitzGerald was consumed with the idea that he was “never wrong”. This is revealed in previously confidential files released on Friday in Belfast under the 30-/20-year rule.

In a memo to officials, dated June 5th, 1995, JA Dew of the British embassy noted a recent article in The Irish Times by Dr FitzGerald entitled, “Security tactics in North endangering peace process”. In his article, the former taoiseach accused London of taking an “unhelpful and unimaginative” approach to prisoner releases, thus “spurning an opportunity” to consolidate peace.

In his report, the embassy official declared that Dr FitzGerald was nothing, if not self-righteous: “Dr FitzGerald believes that never in his life has he been wrong. His autobiography devoted 500 weary pages to prove this.”