Improve your selfies with better lighting

Tech tools: Glam Doll allows you to shed more light on your social media snaps

Glam Dolls: lift your photos from average to extraordinary with an LED ring that clips on to the top of your phone.

Glam Doll Selfie Ring Light


If you take a lot of selfies, you’ll know the importance of good light. While the phone makers have improved the flash options for their forward facing cameras, starting from a very low bar of none, there’s still room for improvement. A clip-on light, like that offered by Glam Dolls, could push your photos from average to extraordinary. The ring clips on to the top of your phone, and with the push of a button you can shed a bit of light on the situation. There are two colours of LED – bright white and warm white – with different degrees of brightness to choose from. You can mix both too, and the whole thing is rechargable.