Behance iPod case: nostalgia at the flick of a wrist

Tech Tools: Turn your Apple Watch into an old-style iPod – but the wheel is just for show

If you are of a certain age, you’ll remember the original iPod. Back before touch screens and cloud storage, there was the iPod with a clock wheel and space for a few thousand songs. That device went by the wayside in recent years, overtaken by the iPhone and the iPod Touch, but it still lives on in nostalgia. Well, now you can turn your Apple Watch into an old-style iPod, with this case designed by CO Design Labs for Caseology. Take your Series 4 Apple Watch and wrap it in some vintage style. You can’t really use it for tracking your heart rate while it’s like this, but the controls can still be accesssed. The bad news? The scroll wheel is just for show. Also, there isn’t an exact release date yet.

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