HubSpot to build more products in Dublin as new solution goes live

Company hails success of “DubSpot” team which developed new Service Hub offering

Some of the “DubSpot” team which helped build ServiceHub

Some of the “DubSpot” team which helped build ServiceHub


Marketing software firm HubSpot, which employs just over 500 people in Ireland, has introduced a new product line developed in Dublin.

Service Hub (previously codenamed Customer Hub) went live on Thursday on the HubSpot platform, which is used by more than 34,000 organisations globally. The move sees HubSpot, which currently provides a range of customer relationship management, sales and marketing tools, expanding into the customer service space for the first time.

Service Hub comes with tools for automated customer feedback and tracking, sentiment analysis and churn forecasting, testimonial capturing and knowledge management.

The company said it expects the local engineering team to be heavily involved with more solutions in the coming years.

The engineering team in “DubSpot” were core to the development of the product according to the company’s vice-president of product, Christopher O’Donnell. In a blog post last November he said HubSpot had made a “huge mistake” in not looking to do software development in Dublin many years ago.


As with many multinational tech companies that establish operations in the Republic, HubSpot originally intended to use its Irish business primarily as a base to support sales, marketing and customer service functions when it opened six years ago. So successful has the new product build been that it now expects the local engineering team, which employs more than 100 people, to be heavily involved in coming up with new solutions.

“We built the bulk of the product in Dublin, having expanded the team quite a bit over the last couple of months. We had an amazing experience developing the product and are really excited to see it launch,” said Michael Redbord, general manager of Service Hub.

“Customer feedback has been very positive during testing and we feel we’re going out with a very strong product that will enable users to do some really interesting things that other platforms either can’t do or don’t do well,” he added.

“We surpassed our expectations building Service Hub and it helped us establish new ways of working internally. The level of excitement in Dublin as we go live with the product is at fever pitch with countdown screens and so on. We’re very happy with what we’ve produced and want to do more of it in Ireland,” Mr Redbord added.