Europa Excursion: A fun stocking filler for your little scientists

Charming bedtime story over 56 pages of illustrations and a rhyming narrative

Europa Excursion

Europa Excursion


If you’re looking for a fun stocking filler for the little science enthusiasts in your life, consider the beautifully illustrated Europa Excursion. This book (also available as an ebook) follows the adventures of a rescue team sent to help out Captain Chips and his fellow anthropomorphic animal crew when they become trapped while exploring the icy depths of the oceans on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.

The rescue team comprises an elephant pilot, panda scientist, giraffe explorer and zebra engineer who learn about space and deep-sea exploration as they make their way toward Captain Chips. With 56 pages of full-colour illustrations and a narrative composed in rhyme, this makes for a charming and entertaining bedtime story.

Europa Excursion is the third in this series of books created by aerospace engineer, author and science-themed games designer Andrew Rader. It is currently on Kickstarter and for €22 you get an autographed hardback edition, ebook, space stick pack, colouring book, secret bonus gift and a Nasa (National Association of Space Animals – how cute!) mission patch.