Organise your smartphone with Files by Google

Web Log: App helps clear up memory by detecting and deleting memes on your phone

Last year Google launched a file management app called Files Go, which was aimed at smartphone users in countries like India, Brazil and Nigeria. The idea was to create an app that easily freed up limited phone storage while providing a Bluetooth file-sharing option for those with more restrictive data plans.

Twelve months later and Google says the app has more than 30 million monthly users from all over the globe regardless of storage restrictions: "everyone – including people with a fast 4G connection and a top of the line smartphone who want to organise their files and save on storage as well," said Koji Pereira, UX Lead at Google.

So the app has been relaunched as Files by Google and includes features like freeing up space by detecting and deleting all memes on your phone (shame on you if this is using up a significant chunk of your storage). It also has files organised into Snapchat videos, unused apps, downloaded files, and other categories that might be using a lot of storage without your knowledge.