Enjoy Reddit’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ subreddit with the Joey app

Web Log: App makes the AMAs easy to follow by hiding threaded comments

One of my favourite things about Reddit is the AMA (Ask Me Anything) subreddit where ordinary folks and public figures can host a question and answer session with Reddit members. Once a place for mostly random or obscure discussions, it is now an extremely popular platform for celebrities to promote their latest book, film or TV show.

The most annoying thing about these sessions, however, is getting lost in the threads. The Joey app (Android-only right now) is designed specifically with AMAs in mind: rather than showing threaded conversations that trail away into infinity and are hard to follow, it organises them in a series of easy to read and clearly labelled Q&As where you swipe to get to the next exchange, only seeing the initial question along with the answer from the OP (original poster, or person hosting the AMA).

If you enjoy the messy and often entertaining conversations that happen below the answers there is also an option to view all comments. And if you're looking for some AMAs to get started with I recommend the one with Keanu Reeves or Gerard Butler (seriously).