An app to see you through apocalypse or zombie invasion

Survival Manual app tells you how to start fires, find food and fix bones

Just in case Elon Musk's Neuralink devices turn most of the global population into the Borg or the echo chamber causes the internet to implode, we might need a back-up plan for figuring something out if we can't Google it anymore. As long as you have your internet-less smartphone and a solar charger, the Offline Survival Manual app can be your guide.

This free, open-source manual gives information on survival basics such as building a shelter, starting a fire, finding food and what to do in medical emergencies including a snakebite, broken bones and wounds.

Come to think of it, this manual also works in case of a zombie invasion although sadly there isn’t a section on annihilating the undead. There is, however, a chapter on water purification and filtration, edibility of various plants and how to catch and cook fish, so this Android app could double as a weekend camping aid if the apocalypse fails to arrive.