Feedly RSS reader introduces host of new features

Notes and highlights features turn Feedly into useful study tool for students

Feedly has added three new features

Feedly has added three new features


As a means of consuming news and website updates, the RSS reader is still going strong with Feedly at the forefront. Feedly is a free service (with the option to upgrade to a pro or team account) and it has beefed up its offering with three new features: boards, notes and highlights.

Boards resembles rival Flipboard’s magazine feature in that it allows the user to create a collection of feeds for personal use or to share with others; to curate a board you simply save a story and add it to a new collection.

Add your own notes

Notes and highlights go hand in hand, turning Feedly into a useful study tool for students and researchers; highlight important passages and add your own notes on a web page from any URL in your feed.

The only drawback is that these two features are only available for the paid upgrade that begins at just over $5 a month but added to the new team sharing feature it might be an attractive option for collating and annotating materials as part of a team project.