Story of Life: The Best of David Attenborough

Web log: Browse through clips beginning from 1998 or look at the highlights

Older clips are  grainy but newer footage is stunning.

Older clips are grainy but newer footage is stunning.


BBC’s Story of Life is a fantastic collection of more than 1,000 clips from David Attenborough’s body of work across many his wildlife documentaries and a 60-year career. This is a must-have, even for hard-core fans who own all the box sets because it is so easy to dip in and out of the app, watching bite-sized clips of life in the ocean deep or tales of fossilised, ancient life forms.

It’s possible to browse chronologically through clips beginning from 1998, look at the highlights inside the featured collection, or create your own collection by swiping to the desired category, tapping on a clip and dragging it into a folder. The older clips are predictably grainy but newer footage from Planet Earth 2 is available in all its stunning, high def, 4k glory.