Teens develop robot to teach children basics of coding

Trinity Walton Club aims to show how real world problems might be solved by Stem

Adam Dalton (18), Evan Darcy (18) and Shane Curran (16) are the young brains behind a new DIY robotics kit that teaches children aged eight-plus the basics of coding in a fun way. Called Alpha, it is the first product from Robotify, the company set up by the trio in July and now based at Dublin City University’s Innovation Campus.

“I was introduced to coding at the age of 15 and was hooked from day one,” says Dalton. “I used to take weekly HTML and CSS classes after school and that was where it all began.” Dalton and Darcy both attended St Paul’s College in Raheny on Dublin’s north Side. They met Curran at the student enterprise awards and struck up a friendship.

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