Brokers seek mortgage tweaks, ‘accomodation crisis’ and making mistakes at work

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Mortgage brokers have called on the Central Bank to tweak the mortgage lending rules in favour of second-time buyers.

The Association of Irish Mortgage Advisors (AIMA) said while the rules have encouraged more prudence in borrowers and lenders, they unfairly penalise families who bought during the boom and now are struggling to find the 20 per cent deposit needed to move to bigger properties. Eoin Burke-Kennedy has the details.

Ireland does not have a housing crisis, it has an "accommodation crisis", according to a report by development finance group Cullaun Capital. Eoin Burke-Kennedy reports.

Irish Life Investment Managers (Irish Life) is to launch a new environmentally sustainable and socially responsible fund with California-based financial services company, Research Affiliates.


In his weekly column Chris John's wonders whether we, as a society can afford billionaires as Michael Bloomberg throws his hat in the ring to take on Donald Trump while Pilita Clark says that mistakes happen, it's how we deal with them that really matters.

On our Inside Business podcast we hear that the Central Bank will not be tempted to ease mortgage lending restrictions, according to both its deputy governors in statements this week. Where does that leave this troubled market?

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Conn Ó Midheach

Conn Ó Midheach

Conn O Midheach is Assistant Business Editor - Digital of The Irish Times