Vizlegal opens up its legal search and tracking platform to Irish barristers

Service used until now by solicitors will be available to Bar of Ireland’s 2,200 members

Vizlegal is extending access to its legal search and tracking platform to Irish barristers and their staff.

Vizlegal is designed to make it easy to quickly find, track and save judgments, cases and other legal information. Used until now by solicitors, it will be available to the Bar of Ireland’s more than 2,200 members and staff.

Gavin Sheridan, co-founder and chief executive of Vizlegal, says its technology and approach to database design and searching makes the information mobile, intuitive, visual and customisable.


"This is an exciting new relationship for Vizlegal and we are keen to start delivering the benefits our platform provides to all barristers who are practising members of the Law Library, " Mr Sheridan said.


The company has recently added 46,000 searchable decisions of the Workplace Relations Commission, the Labour Court, the Employment Appeals Tribunal and the Equality Tribunal to its database in partnership with a local legal firm.