The Confederation of British Industry   is expected to call for the future EU-UK relationship to be firmly based on established existing shared rules which already support millions of jobs and communities across Europe

The UK’s Brexit policy continues to be shaped by domestic political concerns, not economic considerations, and “we all stand to lose out as a result”,(...)

There is an urgent need to challenge the perception that it is acceptable for someone to harm you in any way if they are your sibling

Last year, I interviewed six victims of sibling bullying – all women. Most had experienced bullying or intense dislike from their earliest memories. F(...)

 Sally Rooney has won the 2017 ‘Sunday Times’/Peters Fraser + Dunlop Young Writer of the Year Award. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

Irish author Sally Rooney has won the 2017 Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year Award for her first novel, Conversations With Friends (Faber &am(...)

The study in the ‘Journal of Pediatrics’ says breastfed babies wake more often at night, which means more time to cry. Photograph: Getty Images

Want to have a contented little baby? Trying having it in Denmark or Japan. An analysis of global studies of infant fussing, published this week in th(...)

Astronomers based in the UK and Ireland have watched the weather change on a planet 1,000 light years distant.  File photograph: iStock

Talking about the weather is something of a national pastime, but thanks to a group of astronomers we can now also talk about weather on planets orbit(...)

Car hacking: the more complex the electronics – and the more interaction they are allowed with the outside world – the more vulnerable you and your car are to unwanted attention

For the past five years, we have been talking about Volkswagen’s MQB chassis and the huge number of vehicles using it as the basis for their construct(...)

Linda Jackson,  chief executive, Citroën

In an otherwise nondescript industrial estate on the outskirts of Paris, we’re seated in the corner of a domed windowless room, reminiscent of an emp(...)

Established by Iseult Ward and Aiobheann O’Brien, FoodCloud is one of many successful start-ups that have emerged from Trinity College

Trinity College has produced more entrepreneurs than any other university in Europe over the last five years, according to new independent research. T(...)

“When the State pays, it doesn’t mean that the poor subsidise the wealthy”

Prof Thomas Docherty has been an outspoken critic of the marketisation of education, and last year he found himself at the centre of a row over “ac(...)

Meik Wiking, director of Denmark’s institute for happiness research: ‘I never worked so hard, earned so little or had so much fun.’ Photograph: Carlos Manuel Sánchez

The interesting thing about Meik Wiking, who studies happiness, is that he’s terribly happy. In fact he’s never been happier. He loves his job as dire(...)

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