An  Irish Academy of Engineering report claims  substantial reliance on natural gas in the Irish energy system is unavoidable for at least 22 years.

Natural gas is not the solution for Ireland’s energy needs and also raises security-of-supply issues, according to a report published on Monday. Any (...)

Despite Ireland’s economic recovery and uncertainty over Brexit, Irish people continue to move across the Irish Sea in large numbers. Although the num(...)

An international panel of experts in perinatal care had strongly endorsed continuing funding for Infant, which employs 100 people, but following a separate review process it was decided to end the funding. File photograph: Getty Images

A major research centre focused on women and children’s health could face an uncertain future following a decision to cut its funding, Dr Ruth Barring(...)

Irish Ryanair pilots outside the company headquarters at Swords in Dublin. Buyers (employers) and sellers (workers)  often hold different views over how much work effort and of what sort is satisfactory. Photograph:  Aoife Moore/PA

Strikes and striking workers tend to get a tough time. When Ryanair pilots take strike action, the first headline you see typically focuses on disrupt(...)

Irish woman Bridget Lawlor in St Chad’s Hospital in Birmingham in 1955. Photograph: Raymond Kleboe/Picture Post/Getty Images

“No society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means,” said Mr Aneurin Bevan, UK ministe(...)

“Baldness insults seem to be predicated on the idea of profound failing in the baldee. Only out of charity has the hirsute community been pretending not to notice their grotesque deformity.” Photograph: Getty Images

If someone wants to put the boot into me on Twitter, they will sometimes deploy the B-word: you baldy bastard would be a typically alliterat(...)

A couple who had an Islamic marriage in England have lost their High Court challenge to a refusal to allow them marry in Ireland in a civil ceremony.

A couple who had an Islamic marriage in England have lost their High Court challenge to a refusal to allow them marry in Ireland in a civil ceremony.(...)

1) Work out to beat bugs Most people know about the benefits of exercise for our hearts, waistlines, muscles and bones. Fewer are aware of how it sup(...)

An undated picture shows a magnification of a lab-grown fully matured human egg ready for fertilization. Handout via Doctor David Albertini/University of Edinburgh/Reuters

Human eggs have been fully grown in a laboratory for the first time, in what scientists hope could be a breakthrough in improving fertility treatment.(...)

Microwaves account for the largest percentage of sales of all types of ovens in the EU, with numbers set to reach nearly 135 million by 2020. Photograph: iStock

Microwave ovens are responsible for the emission of as much carbon dioxide in the EU annually as nearly seven million cars, according to a new study. (...)

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