In new guidance, schools will be advised to keep windows open fully during break-times and at the end of the school day, and partially open when classrooms are in use. Photograph: iStock

Parents of children returning to school will be asked to sign declaration forms stating that they have no reason to believe their child has an infecti(...)

Teacher Linda Ward Hanlon with seven-year-old Charlie Carr. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy/The Irish Times

Charlie Carr (7) was up early on Thursday morning and waiting at his front door with his Avengers lunchbox and red raincoat. “He was happy out, laugh(...)

Leaving Certificate candidates will be credited with the higher subject grade achieved between the calculated grade and the written examination. File photograph: Getty

Almost 40 per cent of Leaving Cert grades achieved in the written exams last year were higher than those given through the calculated grade process, f(...)

Parents and guardians should keep other factors in mind besides academic achievement when choosing a school for their child. Photograph: iStock

Click here to download the full 2020 Feeder School tables Critics of feeder school data contend that there is so much more to a school than(...)

Fórsa members in the education sector were reporting that a number of schools have either refused to purchase personal protective equipment ‘or are requiring staff to reuse face masks contrary to HSE advice’. Photograph: iStock

A significant number of staff in schools are providing personal care to students without adequate personal protective equipment, the country’s largest(...)

The first day of “big school” will be like no other for those starting on Monday. That was the case not only for the 22 junior infants who on Fri(...)

Minister for Education Norma Foley has moved to reassure thousands of Leaving Cert students that the new calculated grades system will be “accurate, r(...)

Some 52 per cent of primary schoolchildren said they learned less at home than in school, while 71.8 per cent of post-primary students said they learned a lot or a little less. Photograph: iStock

A majority of Irish children feel their learning was negatively impacted by homeschooling during the pandemic, with learning out of the classroom als(...)

The measures  called for include increased one-to-one support for students returning to school through the reinstatement of  guidance counsellor hours.

Many secondary school students feel worried that they have lost out due to distance learning and fear falling further behind in the coming academic ye(...)

The State Examintions Commission is planning to run the Leaving Cert written exams in November 2020.

Leaving Cert students have less than a week to register online to opt-in to receive their calculated grades. Minister for Education Norma Foley has c(...)

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