Alaskan man is rescued thanks to SOS sign in the snow

Survivor found weeks after cabin destroyed, leaving him exposed to subzero temperatures

Alaskan police have found Tyson Steele, at the remains of his remote homestead after his cabin had burned down three weeks earlier. He had survived the blaze and snow after it had killed his dog and destroyed his home. Video: Alaskan State Troopers


An Alaskan man whose remote cabin burned down was rescued weeks later by state troopers who found him near a makeshift shelter with an SOS signal stamped in the snow.

Tyson Steele (30) was picked up on Thursday in what appeared to be good health at his remote home 32km (20 miles) outside of Skwentna, said troopers in a dispatch.

A fire in mid-December killed Mr Steele’s dog and left him with no means of communication, he told troopers.

After his family and friends had not heard from him for several weeks, they requested a welfare check.

The trooper helicopter crew reached the home at about 11am and saw Mr Steele waving his arms near the makeshift shelter.

Skwentna, with a population of 35, is 113km north west of Anchorage.

The trooper helicopter transported Mr Steele to Anchorage. – AP