Irish balcony jumper sixth person to be fined in Magaluf

Local council puts up signs warning of fines for street drinking, nudity and fighting

Calvià Council figures show in July last year 18 people were fined for walking around the streets naked or semi-naked, compared with five in July 2018.

An Irish holidaymaker has become the sixth person to be punished for balcony-jumping in the Magaluf area this summer.

Local police visited the tourist in hospital as he was recovering and told him he must pay a €600 fine before he flew back home for “balconing” – the term the Spanish use for people jumping between balconies or leaping from their hotel terraces into a pool below.

Calvià Council confirmed in a statement: “The last case of balconing was . . . on Monday at 5.30am when an Irish 21 year old fell from a height of four metres (13 feet).

“He appears to have broken his kneecap and was transferred to Son Espases Hospital.


“The cases that ended up with fines last month included one in Santa Ponsa, thanks to hotel CCTV footage, and another in Magaluf last Friday.

“In total the number of sanctions this year for balconing in the municipality of Calvià now total six, one in June, three in July and two in August.”

An 18-year-old Irish woman was fined last month after landing in the courtyard of a hotel in Magaluf.

Police said she ignored requests to stop what she was doing before she fell.

Fines for “balconing” in Calvià go from €600 to €1,500. Those who pay early get a 50 per cent discount.

Fine of €600

All the fines this year for “balconing” in the municipality have been issued at the minimum rate.

The figures released by the council show the number of “balconing” incidents incurring fines this year in Calvià has doubled, from three last year to six this year.

Meanwhile, the number of fines for nudity and semi-nudity have dropped.

Calvià Council figures show 24 people were fined last year, mostly in Magaluf, compared with just 12 so far this year.

The area is nowcalmer than it was in June and July, with more families arriving for holidays.

In July last year 18 people were fined for walking around the streets naked or semi-naked, compared with five last month.

Earlier this summer,the council put up signs warning of heavy fines for street drinking, nakedness and fighting.

The brightly coloured signs, stating “Have fun with respect”, have been mounted on lamp-posts and other visible spots in the party resort. One says: “Drink on the street. Penalty €500.”

Another says: “Wear no clothes on the street. Penalty €400.” And a third: “Shout, fight, or bother people. Penalty €400.”