Aer Lingus flight to US is forced to return to Dublin

Flight EI-145 to Los Angeles performs U-turn near Greenland over technical issue

A transatlantic Aer Lingus flight was forced to return to Dublin with a technical issue on Tuesday night.

Flight EI-145 departed Dublin shortly before 3pm and was more than three hours into its journey to Los Angeles in the US when the crew made a U-turn.

The jet was cruising at 34,000ft and had just crossed the east coast of Greenland when the crew turned it around.

It’s understood the crew had been in touch with the airline’s operations centre and advised them of the issue before a decision was made for the flight to return to Dublin.

Aer Lingus tweeted: “The aircraft is returning to Dublin for technical reasons. We expect a normal landing at 21.30 local time.”

Last December, the same aircraft (registration EI-LAX), operating the same Dublin to Los Angeles service, diverted to Shannon Airport after the crew reported a fire indication in the number two engine.