Life under Level 5: Where can I go, who can I see, what is closed and what is open?

Updated: 5km travel restriction in place but there are several exemptions

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has announced that the entire country will move to level 5 for a period of six weeks. The new restrictions will take effect at midnight on Wednesday and remain in place until December 1. Video: RTE

Ireland has moved to a second national lockdown under a so-called “soft” Level 5 restrictions strategy for six weeks from Thursday October 22nd until December 1st . It is far from soft, but what exactly does it mean for everyday life?

Can I travel outside my county?

Yes as long as it's within 5km of your home. Under Level 5 you will be asked to stay at home, with the exception that you can exercise within 5km of your home.

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