Reports of attempt on life of Hutch family member in Turkey investigated

Man in late 50s was target in apartment attack, according to Garda sources

Gardaí are investigating reports of an attempt on the life of a member of the Hutch family in Turkey.

A number of Garda sources said intelligence suggested two armed men wearing balaclavas had called to an apartment at a Turkish resort. The gunmen's target, a member of the Hutch family in his late 50s, realised he was under attack and ran through the property he was in.

Gardaí have been told he jumped out a balcony at the back of the apartment block and injured his ankle. They understand the gunmen then fled the area. While the information was still being investigated, gardaí are treating it as credible and accurate.

They believe the incident was an attempt on the life of the target and that the botched murder bid was the latest part of the Kinahan-Hutch feud.


The man was previously targeted by gunmen in Dublin in a botched attack also linked to the Kinahan-Hutch feud.

Gunman disturbed

In 2016, a number of shots were fired by a gunman attempting to murder the same Hutch family member. However, that attack in Dublin’s north inner city failed when the gunman was disturbed.

The son of the man targeted in Turkey has also been the target of two murder bids as part of the feud. The latest of these efforts was thwarted by gardaí in recent months.

An earlier effort was made to target the same man two years ago when he was on a family holiday in Majorca, Spain. However, his attackers murdered another man – Dublin council worker Trevor O'Neill – in a case of mistaken identity.

Mr O’Neill had no involvement whatsoever in the Kinahan-Hutch feud or in any form of crime.