MPs to look at increase in crime gangs using Irish Border

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee of MPs at Westminster to examine criminality

An increase in the number of organised crime gangs exploiting the Irish border is to be examined by MPs.

Criminals are involved in smuggling illegal goods and human trafficking.

In the last year Northern Ireland has seen a spate of suspected gang-related crimes including a series of thefts of cash machines.

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee of MPs at Westminster is to examine the threat posed.


Chairman Simon Hoare said: “Organised crime gangs present a significant and growing threat to Northern Ireland.”

He added: “It is essential that we understand why organised crime gangs are increasing in number, who is joining them and how organised crime gangs use international networks to facilitate their criminal activities.

“The committee’s inquiry will examine how organised crime gangs currently operate within Northern Ireland and across the border and how leaving the EU might impact gang crime and policing.”

The inquiry will look at the role of technology and the dark web in aiding the gangsters’ cross-border and international activities.

MPs will examine the drivers behind organised crime and the impact it is having on many communities.

The inquiry begins with a call for evidence from any individual or organisation who want to tell the committee more. – PA