Long-term relationships: Share your story with us

The Irish Times is looking to speak to couples about their experiences

If you have an interesting long-term relationship story to share, The Irish Times would like to hear from you.

Couples have more choice about how they want to design their lives and relationships - and they’re exercising those choices in all kinds of ways. Some choose to live together and raise families without ever getting married. Both men and women work and earn incomes outside the home. Men are more often the carer of their children. People of the same sex have the legal right to marry. So-called grey divorces and serial monogamy are on the rise.

The Irish Times is looking to speak to people about their experiences of long term relationships in Ireland. If you are in a long term relationship but have chosen not to marry your partner, have experienced divorce later in life, consider yourself a serial monogamist, have been married for 30 years or more, are newly embarked on a same sex marriage, or have another interesting relationship story to share, we’d love to hear from you.

You can share your experience using this form. A journalist may be in touch to follow up on your story. Ideally we would like responders to happy to share their name, and be open to being photographed for the feature.

Thank you.