Have your say: What has your experience of the Irish health service been?

As a report on cervical screening finds a 'whole-system failure', we want to hear from readers

An investigation into Ireland's cervical cancer screening programme has concluded there was "a whole-system failure", meaning women who had been diagnosed with cancer were not told about subsequent audits which showed their smear test results had been incorrect. Dr Gabriel Scally, who led the investigation, said the disclosure of the findings of the audits to the women concerned was handled badly, and was responsible for much hurt and anger. "Women and women's rights are not taken seriously," was one comment made to Dr Scally during his investigation.

The Irish Times would like to hear from readers about their experience of the Irish health service, and how you were treated as a patient. Did you feel you were taken seriously? Did you receive all the information you should have been given? Were you treated with respect? Do you feel that “women and women’s rights are not taken seriously”?

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