Why study at a TU?

Twelve points to consider when checking out a Technological University

1. They are new entities of scale where the sense of mission is very strong

2. The work on building a unified culture has resulted in strong emphasis on fostering and developing the student experience.

3. As a consequence of the unified culture between the various campuses, there are opportunities for those with cultural or sporting ambitions.

4. There is a strong regional focus, with campuses spread out within that geographic area, offering a university option in regions which to date had no third level institution.


5. The costs of renting should be considerably lower. Students opting to study outside of the traditional university locations (eg Dublin, Cork, Galway or Limerick) should be able to avoid the considerable costs of living expenses associated with securing accommodation away from home.

6. The new Technological Universities have a distinctive pedagogical and research focus with emphasis on practice. In this way, students get to experience learning through “doing”.

7. Because of the practical requirements of programmes within the Technological University sector, many courses feature an internship element with local employers.

8. Because students are placed in real work situations, they get to show their potential to future employers which will lead to strong employability following graduation.

9. Technological Universities are statutorily obliged to expand their research activity. This will bring opportunity for those with the ability and ambition, particularly at postgraduate level.

10. CAO points will inevitably rise for courses in Technological Universities over the coming years but, currently, they are attractive and competitive.

11. TUs operate within European University constructs, providing significant opportunities for students to consider additional study options throughout Europe at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

12. Finally, while TUs are bigger entities than the legacy Institutes of Technologies, their academic units are still relatively compact and that has protected the friendliness and approachability identified by many as a key attraction of the sector.

– Brian Mooney