The 101 podcast kindles the joy of learning

Weblog: Share the unbridled fun of grown-ups learning things on a fun podcast

Remember that indescribable feeling of peddling on your own bike for the first time? Or the Eureka moment when you crack long division? The joy of plucking a perfect non-sunken, non-charred cake from the oven. There is a specific variety of happiness that comes with learning and, unfortunately, as we become older and trudge through adulthood, we often forget what it feels like.

Let the unbridled fun of grown-ups learning – and talking about learning – new things wash over you as you listen to 101, a new Irish podcast produced by Shaun O'Boyle and Maurice Kelliher, and co-presented by Shane Bergin and Jane Chadwick.

In the first episode, Bergin and Chadwick look on as physicist Jessamyn Fairfield learns how to ride a bike. As Bergin points out, it's difficult to learn something like this as an adult and even trickier, as a teacher, to deconstruct and explain the steps involved.

But Fairfield is a quick learner and soon exclaims: "I feel like a real scientist now. I did an experiment and it worked." Then she proceeds to chant the Rocky theme tune. A fun and inspiring podcast.