A food blog for those bugged by new year diet books

Scorpion chilli dip and polenta fries with crickets are among the insect-based recipes

You know what bugs me about January? The slew of diet books that emerge with the same low carb, high avocado ratio that has changed some c-list celebrity’s life. It’s always avocados or spiralised something or other.

Why not bugs? If you really want people to eat healthy protein (and help ease the strain on our planet’s food resources) you’d consider cricket flour instead of quinoa and cicadas over cauliflower pizza bases.

The Next Food blog has (delicious?) recipes for scorpion chilli dip and polenta fries with crickets. Or if you have a sweet tooth how about chocolate spread with cricket flour?

There’s even a brioche recipe using same flour. You could try it out on unsuspecting friends and lecture them on saving the planet after telling them what they have eaten. Your vegan pals will be green with envy (rather than from over consumption of spirulina).

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