SuperMini charger looks like it could be a winner

Tech tools: Credit card-sized portable device can charge phone for two to three days



From $49 (€43)

Crowd-funding a product can be a bit of a gamble. On one hand, you get the small satisfaction that comes with helping a genuinely good product to be made; on the other, you could be backing a turkey that either never appears, or if it does, has been outstripped by developments in the industry it was hoping to upend. But the SuperMini looks like it could be a winner. The credit card-sized portable charger has a 10,000mAh battery that can be used to charge your phone for two to three days and has 18W Power Delivery so it can fast-charge your phone (if it supports it). Plus it is in production, so it’s a real product that you are more likely to get in your hand.