The Sony camera aimed at aspiring vloggers

Tech Tools: The Vlog Camera ZV-1 has excellent imaging technology

Vlog Camera ZV-1

Aspiring vloggers and social media content creators must be pleased with the introduction of Sony's new camera aimed specifically at that sector. The Vlog Camera ZV-1 is a pocket-sized camera that has easy-to-use features and excellent imaging technology. It comes with a 24-70mm large aperture lens that gives you background blur, the ability to lock on and track subjects, and low noise.

It is also Sony’s first camera with a side-opening Vari-angle LCD touchscreen for ease of use, and advanced video features including 4K movie recording and image stabilisation. There’s a product showcase setting for filming reviews, and a face priority auto exposure setting that adjusts the exposure to the ideal settings to make sure the subject’s face is lit perfectly.