Samsung brings laptops back to Irish market

Tech tools: The laptops will be on the Irish market next month

The Galaxy Book S.

The Galaxy Book S.


Samsung Galaxy Book laptops

From €1,149
Samsung is bringing its line of laptops back to the Irish market, with the devices set to land here next month. The Galaxy Book Flex and the Galaxy Book Ion both have Samsung’s QLED technology for their displays, capable of a rather bright 600 nits so you can pick up on the tiniest details even in bright sunlight. The devices also include Samsung’s wireless PowerShare technology, so you can charge your compatible smartphones and headphones off the battery.

The Flex is, as the name suggests, the more flexible option, with a 360-degree hinge that turns it from a PC to a laptop. The Ion, meanwhile, offers an ultralight yet powerful professional device. The newest addition is the Galaxy Book S, which is powered by Intel Core processors, has Intel Hybrid technology and is more intelligent on its power consumption.