Project yourself with the Movi phone

Tech Tools: Android powered-Movi has a laser projector to show videos on a flat surface

I was positive I'd seen something like the Movi phone before. Android-powered, built-in projector; it was ringing some bells. It took a while but eventually it came back to me – the Samsung Galaxy Beam projector phone. The Movi has stepped things up a gear from Samsung's first iteration in 2012 – but then, so has Samsung. Anyway. The Android powered-Movi has a 720p laser projector that can project your videos on to a flat surface. So no need to crowd around a small(ish) smartphone screen, when you can project the image on to the wall at up to 100 inches. It also comes with a 16 Megapixel rear-view camera and 8 Megapixel front camera, so you can take some decent photos and videos of your own. $599