A Geizeer to keep your room cool

Tech tools: Geizeer air conditioning unit lets you stay extra cool with a reusable ice pack

Did you ever think you’d see the day when you’d need an air conditioning unit in an Irish home? Perhaps, by now you have acclimatised to the latest heatwave, but to prepare yourself for next time, check out the Geizeer. Made by an Italian firm, it bills itself as an eco-friendly way to cool your room. It has a fan, a rechargeable battery and a space for a reusable ice pack that gives you cooled air without melting the polar ice caps. The entire thing splits in two to allow you access to that pack, but the fan will only work if the cube is closed – so no chance the cat could get its tail stuck in it – and you can even put some room scents inside to pump out nice smells alongside your cooled air. That said, one device might not cool your entire home.