Otto launches smart lock for your front door

Tech Tools: $700 lock recognises your smartphone as you approach and opens door

Otto aims to replace the humble door lock

Would you trust your home security to technology? Maybe you already do to a certain extent, through connected home alarm systems.

But the last line of defence – the humble door lock – might be a step too far for some. And yet, they keep coming.

Otto is designed to replace most standard locks with a smart lock that recognises your smartphone approaching thanks to Bluetooth and automatically opens your door.

You can also operate the lock remotely through the Otto app. Forget your smartphone or have a dead battery? No problem: a four-digit pin will let you gain access.


If you lose your phone, however, you’ll have to act quickly and either wipe your lost device remotely or revoke access through another phone. Also, it’s an eye-watering $700 (€580).

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