Irish tech company Kastus agrees partnership with Lenovo

Chinese technology giant will produce goods with protection Kastus screens

Irish tech company Kastus has agreed a major partnership with Chinese technology company Lenovo, one of the top three manufacturers of IT products in the world.

Lenovo will offer a bespoke range of commercial anti-microbial and anti-viral screen protectors up to 31 inches in diameter, as well as a new line of products with patented Kastus protective coating technology built into the screens as standard.

Lenovo said its customers would have access to a proven solution to help protect essential touchscreen appliances and their users against harmful bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus. Kastus’s light-activated technology never depletes and is environmentally-friendly, while bacteria and viruses cannot build resistance to it, the company said.

Studies have shown coronavirus can survive on a smooth surface such as mobile phone screen glass for up to 28 days.


Kastus’s photocatalytic technology has 44 global patents, and has been at the forefront of anti-microbial and anti-viral surface protection since 2014. The company said its screen-coating technology had been independently proven to be effective against human coronavirus and up to 99.99 per cent of surface bacteria.

It can be used on new screen devices and retrofitted to protect existing commercial screens.

Lenovo will provide Kastus screens and screen protectors for both its own devices and industry partners. Any screen can be protected, from laptops to self-service restaurant kiosks to medical devices, it said.


John Browne, CEO of Kastus, said: "By using Kastus's screens Lenovo customers will add their devices to the millions already protected by Kastus, allowing consumers, colleagues and families to confidently interact with the touchscreens that have become so integral to work and leisure.

“With consumer awareness and demands around enhanced touchscreen protection growing, we look forward to working with the Lenovo team to bring the always-on benefits of the Kastus protective technology to a wider global audience.”

Kastus won The Irish Times overall innovation of the year award in 2017 for its technology.

Ciarán Hancock

Ciarán Hancock

Ciarán Hancock is Business Editor of The Irish Times