Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon brought the case aimed at having the Court of Justice of the EU decide whether transatlantic data transfer channels breach the privacy rights of EU citizens. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

A clash between the Data Protection Commissioner and the government of the United States over the adequacy of US legal safeguards for the data-privac(...)

The case stems from a June 2013 complaint by Austrian lawyer Max Schrems to the Commisisoner alleging Facebook Ireland’s transfer of his personal data to the US was unlawful.

A major action by the Data Protection Commissioner aimed at having the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decide if transatlantic data tran(...)

The old man rings me up the other night and he storts banging on Meryl Streep’s movies to me – critiquing her acting.

So the old man rang me earlier this week and he said, like, the weirdest thing? He went: “I had a taco for the first time tonight, Ross, and I didn’t (...)

Evading complacency: Corporate data gathering may seem  benign, but it  is as serious a potential threat to privacy as government surveillance. Photograph: Getty

In 2006, the Council of Europe designated January 28th as Europe’s Data Protection Day, an annual opportunity for discussion and debate on an issue th(...)

The shop ‘Army of Russia’, located opposite the US embassy in Moscow, with an image of US president-elect Donald Trump. Photograph: Reuters

US law enforcement and intelligence agencies are examining intercepted communications and financial transactions as part of a broad investigation int(...)

Edward Snowden speaks via video link during a conference at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina in November. Photograph: Marcos Brindicci/Reuters

A day after President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, the Russian government clarified on Wednesday the fate of Edward Snowden(...)

Some have trusted WhatsApp  as a way to avoid government surveillance of  communications. Photograph: Reuters

A backdoor has been found within Facebook’s secure messaging service WhatsApp which would allow the company and third parties, such as government age(...)

President-elect Donald Trump at a  news conference in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday. Photograph: Evan Vucci/AP

His denials – at least some of them – were emphatic, even by the standards that Donald Trump has come to be judged by. The dossier, he said, was a con(...)

A  man photographs a mural showing Donald Trump blowing marijuana smoke into the mouth of Vladimir Putin in Vilnius, Lithuania. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty

Cuddle up to the Kremlin and do not be surprised when you are burnt. There is no need to believe the lurid, unverified tales about Russian efforts to (...)

US president-elect Donald  Trump takes questions from reporters at Trump Tower  in New York on Wednesday. Photograph: Damon Winter/New York Times

An escalating civil war between incoming president Donald Trump and the US intelligence community is presenting America’s spies with their biggest cr(...)

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