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People in face coverings on a bridge of the Red Light District. Photograph: Remko de Waal/ANP/AFP via Getty

Dutch premier Mark Rutte has been forced to break off his holiday to deal with a rapid worsening in Covid-19 infections as a result of what appears to(...)

Tourists   in the “red light district”  of  Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on  July 25th. Photograph: EPA/Olaf Kraak

Human nature never fails to perplex. With perhaps as many as 10,000 dead in the Netherlands since the Covid-19 crisis began, you’d imagine those lucky(...)

 Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte during a debate last month on  developments around  Covid-19 in the House of Representatives in The Hague. Photograph: EPA/Bart Maat

In the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic a much-shared cartoon showed Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte as an elderly man, standing unassailably at t(...)

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte (right) and Dutch health minister Hugo de Jonge. Mr de Jonge said he would make no concessions on protecting user privacy in the app. Photograph: Bart Maat/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

The Dutch government has abandoned its initial attempt to commission a Covid-19 contact tracing app after the final seven designs were dismissed as in(...)

Last year, instances of euthanasia  fell by seven per cent in the Netherlands. There is “anxiety” among medics, says a clinic’s director. Photograph: iStock

He’s almost forgotten now. But in his day, Huib Drion, supreme court judge, law professor, essayist, grandee of the Royal Academy, was undoubtedly the(...)

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