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The Dutch government is to introduce new legislation from July 1st which will give it some of the toughest laws in Europe against forced marriage, for(...)

Uncertainty in the workplace is increasing in the Netherlands, King Willem-Alexander has acknowledged. Photograph: Michel Porro/Getty Images

With the third highest inflation rate in the EU, one household in seven in the Netherlands is unable to pay its bills, while the main earners a(...)

An Angolan youth who came to the Netherlands at the age of nine, and whose battle to avoid deportation caused a political row which highlighted(...)

De Correspondent: raised more than one million euro in eight days

A new quality online “newspaper” due to launch in Amsterdam in September has raised more than €1 mi(...)

Cathoclic Church apologised after a report on clerical abuse in the Netherlands from 1945 to 2010

is unlikely to be established more accurately. The report, published yesterday, brought an immediate apology from the Catholic Ch(...)

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