Morning Sun by American artist Edward Hopper.

I’m sitting in the window of This Must be the Place waiting for my veggie breakfast on a sun-drenched summer’s morning. It is chaos here in the wild (...)


As you read this there are people about to experience what will probably be the greatest shock of their lives. They are about to discover their parent(...)

You don’t have to rearrange your whole life in January, but it’s not a bad time to take stock, says mindfulness teacher and Irish Times columnist Padr(...)

AI tales: At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a robot called Tega can tell stories to children of kindergarten age and learn from feedback. Photograph: MIT

Walking along a residential street one evening not long ago my attention was caught by a common enough scene. A woman was standing inside her front ga(...)

Queen Maxima of The Netherlands and Sweden’s Queen Silvia on a visit to the Dutch village Hogeweyk, designed for people with dementia. Photograph: Frank van Beek/AFP/Getty Images)

Cancer used to be the most feared illness, to be spoken of in a whisper and abbreviated to the Big C. What is the most feared illness today? I expec(...)

‘Is it time we talked about how we die?’ might, a reader suggests, be a more inclusive approach

My column on euthanasia (Is it time we talked about euthanasia?) brought heartfelt replies which I have to say have stayed with me since I read them. (...)

We tend to assume that burnout has something to do with working too hard but that’s not really it

This is part of series on the subject of burnout which continues next week in The Irish Times and on We would like to hear from reader(...)

Imagine  you are a child being exploited by   pornography. You might expect the authorities would act with speed if  images were found on any computer. Four years is an eternity in the life of a child.

Justice delayed is, as we all know, justice denied. Disturbing recent instances of this denial of justice have involved the investigation of historica(...)

No more heroes any more: In real news, a fake Donald Trump gets installed in the new National Wax Museum in  Dublin earlier this year. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Do you regard somebody as heroic? If so why? I don’t mean what makes them heroic. I mean, why do you need to regard anybody as heroic in your life? I(...)

Isolation deserves far more notice in public debate than it gets. This is especially so as some researchers talk of an ‘epidemic of solitude’. Photograph: iStock

‘Death by despair” and “diseases of despair” are phrases I’ve been hearing more often as explanations for certain very negative trends in modern socie(...)

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