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The 2019 Leaving Cert exams drew to a close for most students on Tuesday with Japanese, Arabic and politics exams.

The longest-ever set of Leaving Cert exams have finally drawn to a close, with around 1,300 students sitting papers in either Arabic, Japanese or poli(...)

Nero made a welcome appearance on the higher level Latin exam.

The higher-level Leaving Cert Italian paper was student friendly, fair and accessible, according to Mairéad Ni Drisceoil, ASTI subject representative (...)

Carbon taxes featured in a well-received Leaving Cert economics paper. Photograph: iStock

The higher-level economics paper was fair and relevant, with students tested on topical issues including the impacts of large tech corporations, Irela(...)

Composition questions were quite manageable and students should not have had problems. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Students may have been thrown by the presentation of a question on this year’s Leaving Cert higher level music paper, but it was otherwise generally s(...)

Accounting exam was “conservative” in the topics examined, said some teachers. Photograph: iStock

Accounting students sat a straightforward and uncomplicated higher level paper, teachers said. Eamonn Scully, ASTI subject representative and a teac(...)

An anticipated question on  acceleration due to gravity appeared in the higher level physics exam. Photograph: iStock

Hard-working students were rewarded by a higher level physics paper that included questions which appeared on previous exam papers, according to Pat D(...)

The 150-year anniversary of periodic table was acknowledged in the Leaving Cert chemistry exam. Photo: iStock

The higher level chemistry paper was straightforward and made more use of graphs than usual, according to Tara Lyons, chemistry teacher at the Institu(...)

Some students in Tuesday’s Leaving Cert exam complained about the audio quality in the Spanish exam.  Photograph: Frank Miller

Students have criticised the audio quality of the Leaving Cert Spanish exam as “mumbled” , “echoey” and “difficult to hear”. The criticism comes just(...)

There are 7,987 students studying agricultural science, including 4,680 males and 3,307 females.

Students found the selection of questions on the higher-level agricultural science more challenging and more topical than usual, teachers said. “Ques(...)

Passive house construction and wind turbines feature in topical Leaving Cert contruction studies exam. Photograph: iStock

Sustainability was a major theme on this year’s higher level construction studies paper, with students asked about passive house construction, wind tu(...)

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