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Jennifer Garner in Yes Day. ‘Like that character in the movie, so many of us were spontaneous and adventurous and up for anything,’ says Garner. ‘And then you have kids...’

As anyone who has ever alighted on Jennifer Garner’s Instagram can tell you: the woman moms – to make up an ugly verb – like a pro.  A protectiv(...)

David Pearse and Abigail McGibbon in Sadie, filmed live at Belfast’s Lyric Theatre for BBC Northern Ireland

“It’s been such an odd time. We’ve produced a new play by a major writer on the main stage, we’ve had a dress rehearsal and previews but no audience. (...)

Woody Allen has rebutted renewed allegations, in the HBO documentary Allen v Farrow, that he sexually assaulted his daughter Dylan in 1992, calling th(...)

Director Martin Scorsese: ‘[Old films] are among the greatest treasures of our culture, and they must be treated accordingly’. Photograph: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

If you dipped into social media this week you could be forgiven for believing that Martin Scorsese was under attack from a legion of detractors. Look (...)

Van Morrison recently suggested that we need to ‘stand up, speak up and fight the pseudo-science’ about Covid-19.

Can we organise a moratorium on the “I never liked [bad person’s] work anyway” construction? The idle boast has been around for a while — no doubt, in(...)

The New York Times argues no adjective derived from a modern writer’s name rivals “Orwellian” for visibility. Photograph: AP

Next week, the works of George Orwell drop out of copyright in the UK and Ireland. The world is celebrating the incoming avalanche of new editions in (...)

Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, speaks to the media in the US Capitol early on Thursday. Photograph:  Erin Scott/Bloomberg

Simon & Schuster has said it would cancel the publication of an upcoming book by senator Josh Hawley, one of several members of Congress who tried(...)

Moses Farrow (left) with his adoptive parents, Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, and some of his siblings in 1989. Photograph: Ron Galella/RGC via Getty

Moses Farrow is talking to me, thoughtfully and carefully, about what people misunderstand about adoption. “There’s a really powerful narrative that s(...)

Marshall McLuhan: Not only did he read Finnegans Wake in full, it inspired one  of his own defining works. Photograph: Michel Laurent/ Getty Images

To a general audience, the Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan (1911–1980) is now best remembered, if at all, for a few pithy phrases. He predict(...)

Paul Muni in I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932), directed by Mervyn LeRoy. Photograph:  Warner Bros.

There has been some debate in the Irish Times letters pages about the miserableness of films reviewed last week. It is true that the movies covered mi(...)

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