Biographer behind Bohemian Rhapsody to work on show following the lives of U2’s members. Photograph: Lex van Rossen/MAI/Redferns

U2 will soon be portrayed on the small screen as JJ Abrams confirms he is developing a “drama series” with streaming giant Netflix. According to the (...)

The first ever photo of a black hole, taken using a global network of telescopes, conducted by the Event Horizon Telescope  project, in 2019. Photograph: Event Horizon Telescope/National Science Foundation/Handout via Reuters

Researchers may have solved Stephen Hawking’s famous black hole paradox – a mystery that has puzzled scientists for almost half a century. According (...)

Equations have great power in clarifying results

In his scientific bestseller, A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking remarked that every equation he included would halve sales of the book, so he p(...)

Charlie Bird with Keith Davey (left) and Trevor Vaugh from NUI Maynooth who are working on an AI driven voice simulation for Bird, who has motor neuron disease. Photograph: Laura Hutton

In the RTÉ archives, there is almost four decades of Charlie Bird’s voice. Last year, his wife Claire took time off work to begin the long process of (...)

Fr Tony Coote walked the length of the country to raise money for MND research and care before his death in 2019. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Irish researchers have made a significant breakthrough in understanding how motor neurone disease (MND) develops in patients and how it might best be (...)

Still from Stanley Kubrick’s  Dr Strangelove: ‘The first thing for us to look at between the US and China is to make sure that there’s no “Dr Strangelove” scenario, a launch on a warning, to make sure there’s time for human decision-making.’

The first time I interviewed Eric Schmidt, a dozen years ago when he was the chief executive of Google, I had a simple question about the technology t(...)

Ruth Staines was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in May 2020 and died in April this year

When Alisdair Anderson met Ruth Staines in 2015, the pair hit it off immediately. After first becoming friends, over time they became a couple making (...)

Stephen Hawking, who died in 2018, predicted black-hole behaviour almost five decades ago. Photograph: Frederick M Brown/Getty

A recent study of black holes confirmed a fundamental prediction that the theoretical physicist made nearly five decades ago. But the ultimate awar(...)

Eye tracking may now become a mainstream consumer technology and potentially represents a significant market opportunity. Photograph: iStock

Eye-tracking technology has a number of applications, but the most impressive of these is helping people with severe motor impairment to be able to in(...)

Noel Kavanagh at home with his book this year.

Noel Kavanagh describes the completion of his personal memoirs as a race against time. The 75-year-old retired vet, developer of animal vaccines and k(...)

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