Moody’s says  Brexit could bring about more disruption to Ireland than initially thought, particularly if the UK has to resort to WTO rules

The Republic will be the country most affected by the UK’s exit from the European Union, while changes to US tax policies also present a serious thre(...)

A shopper in London. “Business in this country is already feeling the pain of the economic upheaval of leaving the EU,” said Ben Page, chief executive of Ipsos Mori.

Business is already suffering from Brexit, according to some of Britain’s biggest companies, lending weight to a cross-party effort by MPs this week t(...)

A coal-mining conveyor belt states across a road in Manahoy City, Pennsylvania. Photograph: Mark Makela/Getty Images

Liberal Americans like to think we know the answer to a lot of things – including why those who live outside liberal bubbles chose Donald Trump over H(...)

The UK’s prime minister, Theresa May, is thought to lean toward the “hard Brexit” camp. (Photograph: Anday Rain/EPA

Just when you finally grasped the meaning of “Brexit,” the subject grows more complicated. In London and the capitals of continental Europe, politica(...)

Roberto Azevedo (left), Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO), greets Britain’s International Trade Secretary Liam Fox (right) before a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. Photograph: Pierre Albouy/Reuters

The World Trade Organization cut its forecast for global trade growth this year by more than a third on Tuesday, reflecting a slowdown in China and fa(...)

As a driver of economic growth and a major contributor to UK tax receipts, the future of financial services outside the EU will be a major part of Brexit negotiations. Photograph: Grant Smith/ConstructionSkills/PA

Brexit will come at a cost for the UK financial-services industry, no matter what agreement the government secures in its negotiations with the Europe(...)

Given the potential political and financial shockwaves surrounding a Brexit vote, it’s not clear a map would do much good. Global markets are already sputtering as anxiety mounts about the impact on the world economy. (Photograph: FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA/EPA)

There’s no road map for European authorities facing the prospect of a British exit from their 28-nation union - by design.Officials in Brussels are u(...)

Literature loves an underdog: Oliver Twist, Lily Bart, Lennie Small, the Tortoise as he gradually overtakes the Hare. Sunil Yapa’s debut novel Your He(...)

Peter Sutherland is a vocal and sincere proponent for the rights of refugees, but his previous posts, at the head of the  World Trade Organisation and Goldman Sachs International, hardly mark him out as an instinctive champion of the downtrodden. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Amid all the consumption of the Christmas season, it’s still possible to hear a seasonal message of hope, goodwill and generosity on the airwaves. Whi(...)

The WTO sees world trade growth of 2.8 per cent this year and 3.9 per cent in 2016

The World Trade Organization (WTO) cut its forecasts for global goods trade on Wednesday after quarterly growth turned negative, with trade shrinking (...)

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