What has been established to date by experts is that, broadly speaking, the risk to healthy children is very low. File photograph: Getty

Were Covid-19 shots meant only for adults and the vulnerable? So far they have been, but as the rollout proceeded and transmission of the disease re(...)

 Dave Smith (72), from Bristol, a retired driving instructor,  has described his experience with Covid-19. Photograph: BBC News/PA Wire

A 72-year-old British man has described his experience as what is thought to be the patient who had Covid-19 for the longest time anywhere in the worl(...)

The AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. File photograph: Ahmad Yusni/EPA

Data from Scotland’s Covid vaccination programme has revealed a possible small increase in the risk of a treatable and often mild bleeding disorder af(...)

Common gulls. Illustration: Michael Viney

There she goes, teetering across the pebbles with two boxes of takeaway chips. They spilled out as she screamed and cowered, one gull on her shoulder,(...)

Peace Adzo Medie is a writer from Ghana who lectures in gender and international politics at the University of Bristol. His Only Wife is her debut novel

“They deposited me in front of our two families. I was acutely aware of every eye inspecting me for flaws.” We first meet Aki, the 21-year-old protago(...)

The most likely scenario is that in the years ahead Covid-19 will circulate just like influenza, with a seasonal burst of infection. Photograph: iStock

When will life go back to normal post Covid-19? It’s a question people are increasingly looking for answers to; for some it’s prompted by the horrors (...)

British prime minister Boris Johnson attends a coronavirus press conference at 10 Downing Street on January 22nd, 2021 in London, England. Photograph: Leon Neal/Getty Images

The new UK coronavirus variant may be 30 per cent more deadly, Boris Johnson said on Friday as he warned of stricter travel curbs and continued lockdo(...)

Matt Hancock: announced the programme that will enable local authorities to proceed with mass testing for asymtomatic cases. Photograph: PA Wire

The British government is to roll out mass community testing across England, to detect people who have Covid-19 but show no symptoms. The programme, (...)

A handout picture released by the University of Oxford in November shows a technician working on the University’s Covid-19 candidate vaccine. Photograph: University of Oxford/AFP via Getty Images

What is the latest news? The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has approved the vaccine developed by Oxford University and the(...)

A computerised image of Megalodon swimming  after a pod of dolphins. Photograph: Corey Ford/iStock

The entire size of a prehistoric mega-shark made famous in Hollywood films has been revealed in a new study. Previously only the length of the Otodus(...)

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