Pterosaurs, flying reptiles that lived side by side with dinosaurs,  had at least four types of feathers.

Scientists from University College Cork (UCC) have discovered that pterosaurs had four kinds of feathers, shifting the origin of feathers back by 70 m(...)

David Whelan, CEO and Sandra Whelan, COO, of VR education. Photograph: Shane O’Neill/SON Photographic

Technology company VR Education has launched its virtual learning and corporate training platform Engage. The Waterford-based firm is targeting educa(...)

“We get a sense that many households are in fact very far from changing their mind [about domestic childcare] and no amount of childcare policy is going to change their decision,” Dr Hélène Turon from the University of Bristol told the ESRI. Photograph: Getty

Increasing subsidies within the childcare sector would not necessarily lead to a rise in female participation in the labour market as many parents pre(...)

Scientists will have to rethink their theories on what colours dinosaurs were, following a study at UCC.  File photograph: Getty Images

Scientists may have to rethink their theories on what colours dinosaurs were, following a study at University College Cork (UCC). Many scientists had(...)

As revealing as individual tweets can be, what do the tweets of a wider population say about us? Largescale analysis of four years of Twitter content (...)

Dr Maria McNamara of UCC: “What’s remarkable is that the fossil dandruff is almost identical to that in modern birds.” Photograph: John Sheehan

UCC palaeontologists have discovered 125 million-year-old dandruff preserved among the plumage of feathered dinosaurs and early birds – offering the f(...)

Kulindadromeus: An example of a plant-eating dinosaur with feathers and scales

Jurassic Park (1993) featured Velociraptors hunting park visitors, depicting them as wily lizard-like predators. Time and science, however, have been (...)

The company has two key products: RainSafe, which is for use in domestic and commercial users; and AgriSafe, tailored for livestock producers. File photograph: Getty Images

Irish water treatment tech firm H20zone, whose backers include Danu Partners, has raised €3 million in fresh investment. The Co Wicklow-based company(...)

Ireland’s HIV rate is significantly higher than the EU average. Photograph: iStock

Life expectancy for young people with HIV in the western world is now similar to that of the general population, according to new research. Recent ad(...)

A pregnant Dinocephalosaurus catching a fish. Photograph: Dinghua Yang and Jun Liu/AFP/Nature Publishing Group

An extraordinary fossil unearthed in southwestern China shows a pregnant long-necked marine reptile that lived millions of years before the dinosaurs (...)

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