SpunOut said it had 33,000 support conversations with young people between June and December, 2020. File photograph: iStock

The National Ambulance Service was contacted to help more than 400 people in “a place of real and active danger” following engagement with a text mess(...)

‘The Government needs to take radical action so that people in Ireland can easily live in a way that’s good for their health and the health of the planet.’ File photograph: Getty

Public consultation by the Government on proposed climate actions must go beyond focussing on individual behaviour change and feature more systemic so(...)

While there are no pending elections in the near future, anyone unregistered must meet that deadline to be included in the annual revision of the register.  Photograph: Getty Images

Young people have been reminded to register to vote before an annual update of the register on Wednesday. The National Youth Council of Ireland – it(...)

Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys, who has secured Cabinet approval for the new Pensions Commission

Private sector companies that force workers to retire onto unemployment benefit payments at 65 face examination under the new Pensions Commission. Th(...)

Parenting advice: 13 things to tell your 13-year-old. Photograph: iStock

Thirteen essential things various professionals want parents to tell their children as they enter their teens. 1. Teenage years can be shite and bril(...)

 Trust is the key to communicating with 13-year-olds. Photograph: iStock

“They won’t listen,” we parents fume about teenagers, while they rant about how adults “don’t understand”. Both sides are right – and wrong. Adults d(...)

‘Almost a third’ of young people under 25 are now on the lowest rate of the PUP

The Government must restore young people to the higher pandemic unemployment payment (PUP) rate or deliver a “massive” jobs support package for them i(...)

 Young people left at home all the time during lockdown increased their isolation and loneliness. Photograph: iStock

Thousands of children and young people who are most at-risk in society have missed out on vital services during the coronavirus pandemic, according to(...)

Over 58 per cent stated that many of the young people they work with do not understand what the term consent means as well as some of the language used in relation to consent. Photograph: iStock

More than half of young people are “confused” about sexual consent and more than a quarter are getting their information on it online, including by wa(...)

More than 96,000 people under the age of 25 are receiving the pandemic unemployment payment. File photograph: iStock

More than 213,000 people signed on to the live register last month and a further 438,933 people were receiving the pandemic unemployment payment, CSO (...)

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