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 Dutch prime minister and leader of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy  Mark Rutte: a canny manager in a crisis with an instinct for when to stop digging. Photograph: Phil Nijhuis

The new Dutch coalition government, which finally came together on Monday evening, has no shortage of policy issues, any one of which could be describ(...)

Netherlands prime minister Mark Rutte is widely expected to return at the head of his fourth consecutive cabinet. Photograph: Bart Maat

The Netherlands is expected to get a long-awaited new coalition government next week, after negotiators told MPs in writing that they are finalising a(...)

Dutch MP Gert-Jan Segers, leader of Christian Union, left the document on the train to the Hague. Photograph: Bart Maat/EPA

A confidential blueprint for a new coalition agreement has gone public in the Netherlands after being left on the seat of a train. The blueprint was (...)

 Dutch foreign affairs minister Sigrid Kaag: Hundreds of Dutch citizens, many of Afghan origin, and an unspecified number of civilians who worked in support roles were left behind in Afghanistan. Photograph: Sem van der Wal/EPA

Two senior ministers have resigned from the Dutch caretaker government over their failure to manage the evacuation of interpreters and other vulnerabl(...)

Dutch caretaker prime minister Mark Rutte: It’s fair to say that his  coalition has had a patchy pandemic. Photograph:  Valeria Mongelli/Bloomberg

There is, believe it or not, a thing in political science called “Dutchification”, the idea that when an electorate becomes too fragmented political c(...)

Dutch caretaker prime minister Mark Rutte: politically wounded, perhaps mortally. Photograph: Laurens Van Putten/EPA

The sighs were almost audible over the Dutch Sunday newspapers as junior coalition partners, Christian Union – having helped Mark Rutte to survive onl(...)

Mark Rutte, acting premier: new coronavirus cases are rising in the Netherlands – up 16 per cent to 46,005 over the week to Tuesday, the fastest growth since mid-January. Photograph: Lex Van Lieshout/EPA

The caretaker Dutch government has extended the country’s second lockdown and the overnight curfew that led to riots earlier in the year – warning tha(...)

D66 leader Sigrid Kaag speaks to journalists in the House of Representatives in The Hague. Photographer: Peter Boer/Bloomberg

It can take months to form a coalition government in the Netherlands, so it was surprising to see Mark Rutte and his new “best friend”, Sigrid Kaag, (...)

 Dutch Democrats66 (D66) party leader Sigrid Kaag: former diplomat’s party’s support leapt from 19 seats in 2017 to 24. Photograph: Remko de Waal

Jubilant caretaker prime minister Mark Rutte has called for the rapid negotiation of a new Dutch coalition government after a general election that co(...)

Dutch outgoing prime minister Mark Rutte: tax authorities pursued 20,000 families to repay child benefit payments that were rightly theirs. Photograph: Sem Van Der Wal

It speaks volumes about its love of social order that, after 12 months of death, turmoil, and even rioting in the streets, the Dutch electorate goes t(...)

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