Croke Park local residents oppose plan for fourth concert this year

Concerts capped at three to preserve ‘quality of life’ of those in north side’s cordoned zone

Residents living near Croke Park in Dublin are to hold a public meeting opposing more concerts being held in the stadium.

The Clonliffe and Croke Park Area Residents’ Association, which represents those living within an area around the stadium that is cordoned-off for such events, are opposed to a proposed fourth concert being held this year.

Pat Gates, chairman of the group, said three concerts is the maximum number allowed under planning permission granted by An Bord Pleanála.

Aiken Promotions has applied to Dublin City Council for an outdoor event licence for a concert in Croke Park on May 17th.


“This cap should be respected. The reason for the cap is to maintain a reasonable quality of life for those who live in this part of the city and the amenities of the area,” he said.

Tickets are already on sale for three concerts in Croke Park this year – two performances by Taylor Swift and one by Michael Bublé.

Mr Gates said Aiken Promotions and Croke Park were seeking to circumvent the planning permission by applying for an outdoor event licence from Dublin City Council.

Colm Stephens, a member of the resident’s association, said living next to Croke Park during a concert “is like living next to a night club with 80,000 people in it”.

‘Construction work’

“On top of that, Aiken Promotion plan 18 continuous days, including weekends, of construction work between the hours of 8am and as late as 1am before and after the concerts,” he said.

“The resulting noise and disruption is an unacceptable intrusion into ordinary people’s lives and is made worse by the fact that the concert is planned for a school night when many young people are preparing for Leaving and Junior Cert or college exams.”

Mr Stephens said the plan submitted by Aiken Promotions for the proposed extra concerts is inadequate, with details about the required number of gardaí and a proper plan for medical facilities missing.

“The traffic plan for the concert calls for the closing of various roads on a weekday. Some of these are roads that are important as commuter routes and they want to close them during the rush hour on the day of the concert. A large portion of the north side of the city is going to come to a standstill if this concert goes ahead,” he said.