Commuter hell or commuter well? We want to hear your stories

Is commuting the bane of your life or a choice that has produced a dividend you expected?

Do you commute to Dublin every day? Were your “forced” to move away from the capital in order to purchase a house? Or maybe you love living outside of the capital and as far away from the office as possible.

We would like to hear from you if you have tale of commuting woe or a story of domestic bliss living outside of Dublin.

The Banking and Payments Federation Ireland warned on Thursday that homebuyers are being forced to live further and further away from their place of work because of the price pressures in the Dublin property market .

In its latest housing market monitor, the banking lobby group highlighted a significant increase in house sales in Dublin's commuter belt counties – Louth, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow. It said this was because prospective buyers were being priced out of the Dublin market.

Send us your story here and we will publish a selection of the best ones later.