Warning over gang targeting people who have withdrawn cash

Criminals are stealing cash left in cars after a large withdrawal from a bank, say gardaí

A gang is is targeting customers after they withdraw cash from banks in Cork, Carlow, Mullingar and Limerick.

A gang is is targeting customers after they withdraw cash from banks in Cork, Carlow, Mullingar and Limerick.


Gardaí in Cork have warned people not to withdraw large sums of money from banks and leave the cash in their cars after a spate of such thefts in the city in recent months.

According to a Garda spokesman, a gang based in South Tipperary have travelled to Cork in recent weeks and are watching people emerge with cash in envelopes from banks in Bishopstown and Douglas.

A Garda source said the gang, who have targeted customers of banks in Bishopstown and Douglas in Cork, have also targeted bank customers in Carlow, Mullingar and Limerick.

“If they see anyone coming out of a bank with an envelope, they will follow them in their car and if the person happens to go shopping before they go home, they will break into the car,” he said.

“We had a case just over a week ago when a woman withdrew a substantial sum of money from her local bank and came out of the bank with cash in an envelope and the gang members followed her.

“She stopped at a local supermarket, got out of her car without the envelope and the minute she went into the shop, they broke into her car and made off with the money she had withdrawn.”

Gardaí arrested a 17-year-old youth and a 14-year-old youth last week - both from South Tipperary -for questioning about the most recent theft and they are preparing a file on the matter for the DPP.

Robberies carried out by this gang are said to have caused significant losses to a number of people.

“It’s all down to them just watching people coming out of banks with cash in envelopes and then shadowing them to see if they go home or do they stop off somewhere.

“You could have a lot of small businesses withdrawing money on a Friday to pay staff or suppliers and suddenly they are being targeted and these guys are getting away with substantial sums.

“We would strongly urge anyone withdrawing cash to never leave it in their car because it’s cars that they are targeting and the pickings have proven very lucrative for them here in Cork so far.”