Trio of once popular Galway properties to be bulldozed

Oasis nightclub, Corrib Great Southern Hotel and Connacht Laundry to vanish from sight

A legendary Salthill nightclub and one of Galway's finest hotels in the 1970s and 1980s are to be bulldozed in the weeks ahead after falling on hard times.

Galway City Council has confirmed that the building which housed the Oasis nightclub – and subsequently one of the city’s first lap dancing clubs – before falling into dereliction is to go the way of its next door neighbour, the Warwick, which was demolished last year to make way for a nursing home.

The property in Lower Salthill was recently acquired by a new owner and following discussions with the council it has now been agreed that the Oasis of the future will be nothing more than a mirage. While an agreement on the demolition has been reached, there are no plans for what will take its place.

Corrib Great Southern

The former Corrib Great Southern Hotel on the Dublin Road on the eastern fringe of the city has also been earmarked for the wrecking ball by the council. For decades it stood as the first significant structure seen by almost all visitors to Galway on their arrival in the city and its dereliction has been evident for some time.


Connacht Laundry

Meanwhile, the Connacht Laundry site on St Helen's Street in the city's west is already well on the way to the end of the road.

The council said the three separate projects would mark "the culmination of significant effort by the Environment Department of Galway City Council to reduce dereliction across the city".

It said the steps being taken would be welcomed by “local area residents, elected representatives and the wider community”.

Over the last 12 months the council has issued statutory orders to the registered owners of the three sites using their powers under the Derelict Sites Act, 1990. The orders require demolition of the buildings to ground level and stipulate that works must be completed within a specified period of time.

The council recently agreed a demolition plan with the owners of the former Corrib Great Southern Hotel and it is anticipated the walls will start to come tumbling down in early December.

The council said it would continue to monitor the site while the works are ongoing. It is anticipated that works will take approximately four months.

As it stands there are no further agreed plans for the site beyond the demolition and clearance and any future development will be subject to the planning process.

A section 11 demolition notice was issued to the owners of Connacht Laundries in June and the demolition is already nearing completion. It will be substantially finished by the year end. While the owners had plans to build a boutique hotel on the site, which is a short walk from Shop Street, a planning proposal for that project lapsed last year.

Locals have suggested the two-acre site be turned into a people’s park or amenity that could be enjoyed by the broader community.

There are 16 properties on the city’s Derelict Sites Register with another 50 sites being monitored by the environment department.

Valuations on properties have been conducted by the authorities and owners may face levies of in excess of €100,000 unless the buildings are restored or demolished.

Conor Pope

Conor Pope

Conor Pope is Consumer Affairs Correspondent, Pricewatch Editor